Easy Way to Make Pickled Cucumber

Easy way to make Pickled cucumber Ziraleet.com

Today we present to you yet another one of our famous treats: Pickled cucumber.

Pickled cucumber

So here is the preparation method with detailed steps and unique ingredients:
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Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 12 People


3 kg small sized pickles

3 cups of white vinegar

2 cups of red vinegar

5 cups of water

5 tablespoons of salt

2 cups of sugar

Teaspoon of black pepper seeds

Two tablespoons of yellow mustard seeds

3 cups of finely chopped fennel


In a pot, put white vinegar, red vinegar, water, salt, sugar, black pepper, yellow mustard seeds and fennel.

Put the pot on fire until the mixt boils.

Turn off the fire and set the mix aside.

Place cucumbers in clean jars and fill each jar with the prepared mix.

Cover the jars and leave the pickles for 4 weeks before using.

Health Benefits of Pickled Cucumber

When we pickle a vegetable, we are basically fermenting and during the process of fermentation healthy bacteria activate who break-down cellulose in the cucumber, including some natural sugar. These good bacteria go into your system when eaten and increase the stomach health. Fruits and vegetables contain natural antioxidants which fight against the free radicals. Free radical cause diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Unlike cooking, the heat sensitive vitamins do not evaporate during the pickling process preserving the antioxidants within them. Therefore, the pickling process does only make the cucumber tasty but also beneficial to your health.

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