Mini Potato with Mozzarella Recipe

Mini Potato with Mozzarella Recipe-Ziraleet

Today we present to you the magic combination for extra tastiness. This is the dream cheat meal. I mean let’s not kid ourselves who among us doesn’t crave French fries every now and then? But when you throw mozzarella into the package excellence of the experience is guaranteed. Mini Potato with Mozzarella is a wonderful combination.

Mini Potato with Mozzarella

I am drooling already so enough introductions and let us start with the easy and quick preparation method
Course Appetizer
Cuisine French
Keyword Mini Potato with Mozzarella
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 2 People


150 grams of fresh mozzarella

200 grams of boiled small sized potatoes

100 grams of tomatoes

Fresh rosemary

Fresh thyme

Two tablespoons of olive oil

Two tablespoons of butter

Salt and pepper


In the oven tray, place all the ingredients on the butter paper and grill in the oven for 10 minutes until it is sautéed.

Serve the plate hot with fresh French bread

Nutrition Facts on Mozzarella?

The origin of the Mozzarella cheese can be traced back to Naples, Italy and is created from the milk of buffalos. Mozzarella is also the cheese you have on your pizzas. Some health benefits of the cheese are: they contain vitamins such as niacin, vitamin B6riboflavin, biotin, and thiamine; and minerals such as calcium.

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