Crossfit Workouts Discovery For Everyone – Must Read

Crossfit Workouts Discovery For Everyone - Must

About crossfit workouts

about crossfit workouts

Everyone talking about modern craze in fitness world – about crossfit workouts. Usually it’s very intense workout on the timer without stops. You may also heard about word WOD. It means Workout of the Day, basically it’s set of instructions for that described challenge to complete. For lot of those you’ll need to have some gym equipment – barbells and ropes and kettle bells and so on for all this tasks to complete.

You should skip big weights and take a look to at home crossfit workouts. That also include beginners crossfit workouts. Besides of what we described here you’ll need jump rope and probably some pull up bar or so but most of the time you’ll need yourself only;)

Also if you are just starting out feel free to ease whole WOD to complete it with your own speed or reps, don’t overdo yourself.

at home crossfit workouts

Let’s start with describing collection of workouts I personally know.

Walls to knees

Okay, you have 20 minutes and need to do as many as possible rounds in that timeframe.

Exercises are three wall walks and ten knees to elbows.

You can ease that to shorten time to 15 minutes and change wall walks to 10 knee raises and fifty foot bear crawls. This one needs pull up bar, be sure to have it.

Ball burner lunge

Set some time, but under 30 minutes and do the following

Hundred meters walking lunge

100 push ups

Hundred medicine ball cleans

100 pull ups

Hundred meters walking lunge

Burpee max out sprint

Burpee here is squat thrust. See more for details

So do ten burpees and 200 meter sprint on one place. Five 2 min rounds, rest 3 mins between rounds.

Burpee squat duo with body weight

Time frame 20 minutes and as many rounds as possible here.

Twenty five burpees and fifteen body weight squats

Beginner and at home crossfit workouts


Nice name, same time frame and conditions as on the last one.

Ten chest pull ups to bar.

Fifteen push ups and twenty squats on single leg.

Each three round feel free to run somewhat 400 meters distance even in place.

Cindy workout

Same time frame as above and all else too.

In any order – fifteen squats, ten pushups, five pullups.

Chelsea workout

Fifteen squats, ten push ups, five pull ups. You do this all in regime “every minute on the minute”, means you start on the start of every minute. And you have rest until the start of the next minute and overall you do not have any time to have some rest. Please be very careful here and do this all at your own speed and consult with the doctor before.

Annie workout

You do this and descend each time in reps amount. You do double unders and sit-ups. Here is a need for jump rope, sit-ups needs to be in soles of feet together.

Angie workout

Hard one, everything on 100 times. Pullups, pushups, situps and squats. If it’s really hard (and it is) then down the number to 60 times and timer to 20 minutes.

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