6 Day Good Gym Schedule Workout Routines: Full Guide

best daily gym schedule

Good Gym Schedule

Good Gym Schedule

Well, we all go to the gym from time to time in our life so there are need of good gym schedule for average person. So let’s look closer at some intermediate routine at first designed for mass and muscle gaining. So it goes for 6 days straight with Sunday as off day. Duration of it is up to you and can be forever;) Suited as it’s obvious for underweight men. It’s really good gym schedule, look below.

On Monday and on Thursday you do Shoulders, Triceps and Abs and Chest

Chest will consists of Bench Press 4 sets – 2×15, 1×10, 1×8, 1×6

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press – 3 times of 8 reps.

Flat Bench as well as Cable ones – 3 times of 12 reps for both of those.

Shoulders will start from military press – 1×12 reps and down right to 1×6 reps.

Raise front dumbbells – 3×9 reps to each hand.

Lateral raise on Bench – 1×12, 1×10, 1×8 sets.

Triceps you do Dips till failure then Dumbbell extensions in seated mode – 2×12 reps.

Then Cable push downs – for example like usual 1×8 till 1×12 reps.

And of course Abs – usual crunches like 3×25 let’s say and twisting rope ones like 3×12 it would be.

Tuesday and Friday

it’s time for Back and Biceps but with some other group of muscles from previous days.

Other Chest part – Deadlift – 3×6 reps, Bent over Barbell rows like 3×8 or 3×10 reps, from warm up part of wide grip chins you start 1×12 reps then 3×12 reps in working regime. One arm rows seated cable rows – 3×8 reps.

Shoulders this time – It will be various set of different curls. Standing barbell, incline dumbbell, cable, incline hammer – all do for 3×10 reps.

basic gym schedule

Wednesday and Saturday

Prepare to make Calves Hamstrings and Quads muscle groups.

Quads you will start from Squats slowly, I mean slowdown reps like 1×15, then 1×12, 1×10, 1×8, 1×6 and to 1×3. Leg Extensions and Press ones – 3×12 reps each. Don’t forget about Front Squats as well, do it like 3×12 reps.

Hamstrings will consists of different leg curls – seated and lying on different days different ways. On day 3 you do both like 3×10 reps and on day 6 only lying along with stiff leg dead lifts which will go 3×12 reps.

Calves – they divide on seating and standing ones. And you do standing 2 times a week on day 3 and day 6. Seated you will do 3×12 reps and standing 2×15 reps. And you mix standing calves on day 3 with 5 reps when toes pointing forward and then outward.  And on day 6 partial reps from bottom to halfway up.

Then you simply finish off with Abs – 2 variants here: twisting rope crunches – 3×12 reps and leg raise and hip thrust – 3×10 reps (you lay off on bench with lower part of the legs hanging off. Then, keeping legs straight, you move them up and down. You press hips then resist, letting them go down, lowering all this to like parallel level, then repeat).

Well, so this is what it makes good gym schedule. It’s a basic gym schedule for everyone and I would say even best daily gym schedule.

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