6 Pack Abs Diet and Workout – Complete Detailed Solution

6 Pack Abs Diet and Workout - Complete Detailed Solution-Ziraleet.com

Lot of fitness guys want to build 6 pack abs diet and workout accordingly. There are so many plans, so many guides to follow that you can be lost. For some people with some great genetics or foolproof diets it could be very easy to achieve, but for most of the people it just do not build 6 packs that way.

It requires very big work and dedication, let’s say 90 mins of exercise 6 days a week. So be prepared to dedicate like 6 month or so. 6 packs abs in 6 month doable totally.

Also this should be adoptable for any average person, you know, usual worker, person who goes to school or maybe even some full-time parent so it will not bring difficulties to their usual daily life.

We will give you more realistic approach – 40 minutes a day and you will do these three times a week. It’s not based on old principles listed above. Some science and tested techniques will make your 6 pack abs diet and workout visible from hiding.

6 packs in 6 month doable totally

6 packs abs diet and workout

Let’s start with the diet. It plays very important role here, abs done not only with exercise, I would say that diet as much if not bigger impact here. I would recommend eating 6 meals in one particular day in smaller amounts. You probably heard about cutting processed foods and sugars and yes it needed here obviously. Be sure to check your doctor once again before start this.

Starting the workout. Well, it’s not only abs, you need to work like usual, not only on them it will help to bring overall fat down. Add some resistance training, not running routine or so. That way muscle fibers will be damaged for good reasons. Don’t neglect even leg training to increase metabolism, if you do usual squats in gym you know what I mean, there is a science research about that even. Dead lifts also helps.

Increasing number of crunches doesn’t help really. All those crunches and situps works out lower spine, while in fact you need to train muscles which prevent that. Core exercises helps there, they work on lower back and hip. Let’s list them a bit, it’s a plan, side plank, even pushups, mountain climber, hollow body holding and so on and on. And please do that core exercise on the start of the workout it will give fastest gains.

Let’s not forget about plank – very important exercise. Polish it, keep your spine straight, squeeze the core to activate your muscles. Don’t make it like you are simply have a rest;)

Once again don’t overdo abs or treadmill. Do in average 3 sets of exercise listed above.

Change routines for different group of muscles in one set, for example some upper body exercise like bench press and lower body like the dead lift.

6 pack abs diet and workout app for mobile and desktop

6 packs abs app for mobile and desktop

To be on the pulse, you can install some app for mobile phone. Very popular are six packs in 30 days for both IPhone and Android platforms, just do a quick search for them in google.

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