How Beauty Magazines Influence our Mood

How Beauty and Fashion Magazines Influence our

Exposure to beauty and fashion magazines that include messages focused on fashion and beauty are often correlated with greater body dissatisfaction. They lead to negatives moods among men and women. Numerous people are bombarded every day with the idea of perfect beauty presented by the print media. In the beauty magazines all over the world, unrealistic images are depicted.

Beauty Professional

Perfect Beauty Impression

The idea of perfect beauty has been expressed in the different beauty articles contained in the magazines. The readers of those magazine articles start comparing themselves with those perfect beauties. Generally, the magazines contain images of different celebrities and models that look beautiful and attractive. However, the readers start feeling anxious about their own appearance.

Dissatisfaction with the body and appearance

The readers of the magazine feel dissatisfied with their own body and appearance. They realize thats they are not perfect beauties like the models and celebrities depicted in the magazines. This has a negative impact on their mood. Specifically, among the women, the negative effect of beauty and fashion magazines is higher as compared to men. Dissatisfaction with their body and appearance causes frustration and leads to anxiety. They are likely to lose their fresh and cool mood after suffering from dissatisfaction. Hence, dissatisfaction caused by beauty magazines is a huge factor that impacts the mood in a negative manner.

Magazines assist in beautifying yourself

Magazines assist in beautifying

On the other hand, beauty magazines also positively impact several readers. Beauty and fashion magazines do not only contain content about the perfect beauty; it also contains tips and suggestions for enhancing your beauty. They contain reviews of the different beauty products. There are articles on the best beauty products by some expert beauticians. These are all some useful things contained in the magazines. Such suggestions and tips can be useful for your mood. For instance, if you find some easy ways to beautify yourself in a magazine, you would be happy to follow these tips. This would improve your mood to a great extent. When women find a beauty product that actually works, they would be over the moon and would love the product. Such things contained in the magazine can be helpful in improving the mood of the readers.

Conclusion: Beauty and Fashion Magazines

In conclusion, there is a moderate influence of beauty and fashion magazines on our mood. The magazines can make a person feel bad if he does not manage to look like a model or a celebrity. Magazines influence the mood negatively if a person considers himself less attractive than the model appeared in the magazine. In contrast, if the reader succeeds in attempting to look like him, the magazine would positively influence his mood.

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