How to Contour in 5 Minutes

How to Contour in 5 Minutes

This article is all about what you need to know about the contour in 5 minutes by choosing the right makeup. It will make your life simple and yet fashionable.

Contouring simply means a darker color on the areas of the face you want to push away, and applying a brighter color, a highlighter or a reflective product to the high points of the face, so that they pop out. You need to select the best cosmetic brands for it.

But let’s be honest. It’s not realistic in everyday life, and no matter how great the results, time is the most important for most of us.

Cheekbones and temples: contour in 5 minutes

How to Contour in 5 Minutes  

I like to start with creating a shadow under the cheekbone with a completely matt bronzer powder using a dense, small contour brush. Placement guidelines are located at the top of the ear, towards, but not in the corner of the mouth. Stop at the edge of the eye. Now place the bronzer in your temples, moving in circular motions around the hairline and the forehead.

Jaw and nose: contour in 5 minutes

How to Contour in 5 MinutesYou can define your jaw by lightly sweeping the bronzer under the jawbone. Be careful, because too much bronzer can be obvious and it looks like you have a sweet belt under your chin.

If you want to thin the wide nose, sweeping the bronzer on the sides of the bridge creates the illusion of a narrower look. Bring a shadow farther than the natural sides of the fnose and remember to connect with the eyebrows.

Blush and highlighter: contour in 5 minutes

How to Contour in 5 MinutesNow add a blush to your cheeks. Place a blush on the widest parts of the cheek, connecting back to the hairline. Blush will be placed directly over the bronzer.

Then it’s time to jump out of our favorite features using a powder highlighter. Expand the highlighter on the cheekbones and the small C-shape surrounding your eye. This will give the appearance of higher cheekbones and attract the light to the eyes.

Final finishes

To contour in 5 minutes you have to spin the charmer in the middle of the nose with a thin line and press the dot at the end of the nose to get a more upturned look. You can add a little above the eyebrow to get some elation, and above the Cupid’s arches above the upper lip and in the middle of the chin. These are all small areas that, when selected, make a huge difference.

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