The 2-Step Glowy-Skin Secret for Workdays, Vacations, and Beyond

The 2-Step Glowy-Skin Secret for Workdays, Vacations, and Beyond

Megan O’Neill is the senior beauty editor at goop. Which is another way of saying she has a passion for clean products, loves anything that reduces stress, and will happily guinea pig herself in the name of wellness.

Every year, for a whole two weeks, the goop offices shut down. “No internal emails!” GP practically sings during our last staff meeting. “Have fun. Don’t think about work. Get inspired.”

And do I. The past few months have been especially intense workwise and lifewise, so I plan to live it up like it’s my last two weeks on earth…in Jamaica.

I do something utterly uncharacteristic and pack light. This is Vacation Me, not Beauty-Editor Me, who typically lugs around a totally unreasonable bounty of serums/potions/tubes of creamy stuff for even a single night away. A big part of my decompression plan is scaling back on the number of products I bring with me, which is why I throw two—two!—formulas for my skin into my bag: a witch hazel cleanser-toner and an almond oil face oil from Weleda. I’ve loved the brand for years, since long before I learned that clean and nontoxic was even a thing (Weleda’s been that since 1921). I pack these two products, which come in gorgeous sapphire-blue bottles, for my dry, sometimes-sensitive, tired skin, after taking Weleda’s Skin Care Profiler quiz at They arrive just a day before my trip, and into the bag (with little else) they go.

And then I really go on vacation: I jump shrieking off cliffs, pluck fresh turmeric root right from the ground to soothe bugbites, do handstands in the sand, devour saltfish and ackee for breakfast, and slurp pepper pot soup at lunch. I get three shades darker and love it. I eat a thousand juicy mangoes. I forget I’m a real person with complexities and a job.

I’m skeptical about whether my new truncated routine will be hard-core enough for my sweatier, saltier, rigorously exuberant lifestyle, but every night, I douse an organic cotton ball with the cleanser-toner—a fantastically clarifying lotion made with witch hazel, iris root, and glycerin—tracing it over my skin until it smooths away the day’s grime and my face feels pristine. (The stuff smells exquisitely, faintly citrusy.) After rinsing it off with warm water, I gently press in a few drops of the face oil, a blend of sweet almond oil—a source of great-for-skin linoleic acid—and soothing blackthorn extract. I do this same two-step shebang most mornings, too. I love my new minimalist routine—how easy and beautifully meditative it is.

I keep going when I get home and go back to work. I forget about being a person who jumps shrieking off cliffs and gorges on juicy mangoes. But I continue to apply the one-step cleanser and toner and smooth on the face oil. They creep up on me, but I begin to notice results around the twenty-eight-day mark: gleamy, practically poreless, and newly supple skin. Yes, my week spent running feral on a tropical island must have had something to do with it, too, but this level of luminosity seems to be the result of something more.

My skin continues to amaze me: It stays silky, radiant, plump, and glowy. Even when I’m hunched over a computer, stressing over deadlines, and facing the new chill in the air, my shimmery complexion is definitely keeping the relaxed, happy vacation vibes alive.

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