Winter Tips for Dry Skin – The Best of The Lot

Winter Tips for Dry Skin – The Best of The

In your everyday life you must have noticed many fluctuations when it comes to your skin. There are days when you will be having a ‘bad skin day’ and others where your skin is clearing up like the calm after the storm. These sudden/abrupt changes are only natural since your body on the inside is constantly changing. Ranging from hormones to fighting certain junk food cravings, keeping your skin healthy sure is a journey. Mostly, this journey depends upon how dedicated and invested you are to keep your skin on a balanced scale. That ranges from poring over winter tips for dry skin to checking out Beauty Tips for Skin Online. Here’s all you have to know on curing dry skin:

Freezing Temperatures

winter tips for dry skin

It is the season we all dread. Winter! Winter swings by bringing it with a whole lot of snow, rain and bitterly cold winds. As much as you may think you can counter all these issues; winter also is the driest season of them all. With no moisture in the atmosphere your skin’s health will easily and quickly deteriorate. Moisture is your skin’s best friend and when it is mostly in the air around you; that’s when your skin is at its prime. So here are some winter tips for dry skin to guarantee you moisturized, and healthy skin during the biting cold:

Winter Tips For Dry Skin on Your Face

winter tips for dry skin

As you are probably already aware of this, your facial skin is so much more delicate and different than the skin on the rest of your body. It is also that one part of your body that is always exposed to the cold winds and dry atmosphere. So here’s what you have to do:

Purchase a Humidifier

winter tips for dry skin

Like it is aforementioned, moisture and humidity in the air is imperative for good skin. So, if there’s naturally no moisture in the air; purchase a humidifier and fix it in your home/bedroom. This will keep your skin from breaking out, cracking, and peeling off.

Exfoliate GENTLY

winter tips for dry skin

Counter attack your skin’s dryness with a gentle exfoliating session. Some might say that this method could dry your skin up further; but it doesn’t. Exfoliating your skin, removing all the dead skin cells and starting fresh are the best way to treat dry skin. Ensure that you use a gentle and moisturizing scrub scarcely. Say once a week!

Winter Tips For Dry Skin – Heavy Creams Are Your Best Friend

winter tips for dry skin

There are many winter tips for dry skin to follow but the most important of them all; is purchasing a heavy face cream packed with nutrients. Search for the ingredients; ‘ceramides’ and ‘hyaluronic acid’ in your cream. These help in protecting and strengthening your skin’s barrier against the dry winds. It is advised to use the cream twice in one day.

Face Masks

winter tips for dry skin

Every once in a while your skin needs a good boost of nutrients and nourishment. One of the safest and most guaranteed of all winter tips for dry skin is making face masks. Using ingredients like; avocado, honey, yogurt, nut oils, milk and fruit pastes like banana. There is never a limit to how you can make face masks. There is no end to the variety of masks you can make, for eg:

  • Banana, honey, milk
  • Avocado, honey, yogurt
  • Olive oil & honey
  • Milk, banana, honey
  • Avocado, banana, coconut oil

Natural skin care tips are the best and safest road to healthy skin for they have no serious drawbacks when utilized properly. Refresh your knowledge and read up more on face masks’ importance and other important ingredients to utilize on Ziraleet Beauty.

Regulate Bath Water Temperature

winter tips for dry skin

Everyone can’t help increasing their bath water’s temperature during the icy winters. But, water that is too hot strips your skin off its essential oils; thus drying it further. Make sure your bath water is only lukewarm and you sit in the bath/shower for only 5-10 minutes. Too long and too hot showers are your skin’s enemy.



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