Fashion Trends I Can’t Live Without

Fashion Trends I Can't Live Without

While many fashion trends are only present for a little while, some stay and we never want to let them go. They become the “all-time trends” and usually never go out of style. This list will show you a few fashion trends I can’t live without and I am sure at least one applies to you too, if not all!

My Favorite Fashion Trends


Variety of jeans

The jeans have been around for as long as we can all remember and they will certainly stay long after we are gone (although we don’t really like to think about that)! Having a variety of jeans in my wardrobe is the key to cool outfits from day to day. One of the latest trends are the ripped jeans that look urban with just anything! However, the skinny jeans, low rise jeans, and the returning fashion of mommy jeans and bootcut jeans can also turn into a charming outfit!



Another fashion trend that completes almost every outfit is the bracelet. Especially the charm bracelets, a few of them! Since I have many, I usually combine the colors of my bracelets with the rest of my outfit. I feel like this detail gives my look the final touch, making it just perfect!

Tailored Fit Trousers

Tailored Fit Trousers

When I want to look elegant during the day, tailored fit trousers are always the right choice. Although I usually wear the darker colors, they look great in brighter colors as well. From longer to shorter, these trousers are a constant fashion trend for me. It is definitely one of the clothing pieces I would always buy again and again, in all existing verities!


Pink Blazer

Blazer is also meant for every day elegant outfits, although I can wear it in special occasions as well. Even when the rest of my outfit is not too elegant, just adding a blazer makes it classier every time. I often wear it with the tailored fit trousers so that’s two of the fashion trends I can’t live without used at the same time!

Wool Coat

Beige wool coat

Now that winter is getting closer, it’s time for the warm wool coats and I couldn’t be more excited about it! I just love wearing them as I always feel very stylish and comfortable at the same time. The black coat is a must-have, of course, but I love wearing white, grey, and beige as well.

Combat Boots

Brown Combat Boots

Last but not least, combat boots is also one of the fashion trends I can’t live without out. My favorite color of these boots is the beige; a real refreshment for the cold upcoming days. I also like them in dark green, red, and just any other color!

I hope some of my fashion essentials will also become yours after reading this article.

In case they are not already, I would like to know the fashion trends YOU can’t live without so let me know!

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