The Top 5 Forms of MMA

The Top 5 Forms of MMA

Do you want to know about the different forms of MMA (Mixed martial arts)? There are many more in them than karate or kung fu. In fact, many ordered and systematic methods of struggle are practiced in today’s world. While some styles are very traditional and steeped in history, others are more modern. Although there are many overlapping styles, their approach to the fight is unique. Moreover, You can also practice it to get in shape at home fast.

Check Out the top 5 Forms of MMA:

Stand-Up Martial Arts Styles

The Top 5 Forms of MMAStand-up styles of martial arts teach how to defend on feet using blocks, kicks, bumps, knees, and elbows. The degree to which they teach each of these aspects depends on a particular style, sub-type or instructor. In addition, many of these stand-up styles teach other elements of the fight. You can also check out Isometric and Isotonic exercises.

Striking styles are:

  1. Kung Fu
  2. Muay Thai
  3. Tae Kwon Do
  4. Tang Soo Do
  5. Boxing
  6. Capoeira
  7. Karate
  8. Kickboxing
  9. Krav Maga

Ground-Fighting Martial Arts Styles

The Top 5 Forms of MMAThe ground-Fighting in martial arts focus on teaching how to oppose the earth, where they either achieve a dominant position or use a complex grip to end a fight.

The ground-Fighting styles are:

  1. Sumo
  2. Wrestling
  3. Catch Wrestling
  4. jujutsu
  5. Russian Sambo

Take off Styles

The Top 5 Forms of MMAThe fight always commences from a standing position. The only assured way to fight the ground is to use this style, and that’s where the take-off styles come in. Keep in mind that, all of the above-mentioned grappling styles also teach refutation. You can read about good gym schedule.

Take off styles are:

  1. Aikido
  2. Judo
  3. Hapkido
  4. Shuai Jiao

Meditative Styles

The Top 5 Forms of MMAFurthermore, Practitioners of low-impact martial arts refer mainly to breathing techniques, physical fitness and the spiritual side of their movements, not to combat in particular. However, all these styles were once used to fight and can still be, as illustrated by the Sino-American movie The Man of Tai Chi.

Meditative styles are:

  1. Tai Chi
  2. Styles based on Chi Gong

Hybrid fighting styles

The Top 5 Forms of MMARecently, many schools teach several martial arts styles known as Hybrid martial arts and have been familiarized by the competitions Ultimate Fighting Championship. However, the term MMA refers as Mixed martial arts, which includes grappling, standing fights, overthrows, throws and passes.

Hybrid forms of martial arts are:

  1. MMA
  2. Jeet Kune Do
  3. ninjutsu
  4. Shooting


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