Why you Need to Do Pilates: Benefits of Pilates

Why you Need to Do Pilates

Most of you must be heard about the benefits of pilates, and some of you might have tried it before. Well, Pilates is a fantastic form of exercise in itself.

What is pilates and its Benefits?

Why you Need to Do PilatesIt is a form of exercise that aims to build strengthimprove your mood and restore balance in the body. It was started in early 1900 by Joseph Pilates.

Pilates contains a series of exercises. Each of which requires many repetitions, which are performed mainly in a sitting or lying position. Unlike yoga, which primarily holds each pose, most Pilates exercises can be described as a controlled flow of movement.

Pilates strongly emphasizes the proper use of the focus; to support the spine and create stability through the center.

The core muscles are the deepest layer of the lower abdominal muscles. Moreover, the two main ones are the pelvic floor and digestion of the abdomen and the deep lower back muscles closest to the spine.

Proper activation of these muscles allows the spine and the rest of the body to move safely. It also helps to restrain pain or damage. Moreover, it helps in improving strength and flexibility in other areas of the body.

Benefits of Pilates

Why you Need to Do PilatesIt will help you in building a strong core. Moreover, it will help you to improve posture and correct body imbalance. It will also strengthen weaker muscles.

You will realize and work on the differences that you can have between both sides of the body because of the Pilates. Transferring balance to the body is important because imbalance is the cause of a lot of pain in the whole body.

Benefits of pilates are not only an overall workout. It can also bring considerable benefits to your yoga practice.

A stronger, well-engaged core will help you maintain your balance with greater ease. Especially, in the more difficult yoga positions, such as the crescent, tree poses and on the heads.

After that, you can bring your mind to a calmer state. That will also allow you to enjoy the benefits of Pilates by real attitude, mental and spiritual.

Turning the core on when you keep your mouths also prevents undesirable strain on the joints. Merely sitting in poses, such as a Pigeon pose or even a child, may seem like high stress, but it can cause too much pressure on the hip joint and the intervertebral discs that can lead to injuries.

A little thought about the core can change it and provide even better muscle stretching where you should feel it.

While many yoga asanas improve flexibility, joint stability and muscle strength are just as important for overall well-being and joint integrity.

The combination of these two practices is therefore ideal for preventing injury and for feeling a greater sense of general well-being.

Start with this Natural Pilates Movement.

Why you Need to Do PilatesOkay, so after talking about the proper involvement and building a strong core, you can ask, so how should I do it? The answer is simple, but of course, it requires practice!

Here is a simple exercise, called the Kegel exercise, which you can do to find and start strengthening your core. We focus on one of the primary core muscles, the pelvic floor. By activating this muscle, you also naturally use other tissues in the base.

First of all, he lay on his back with knees bent and flat feet on the floor. You should completely relaxed, especially your lower back muscles. You should not force the lower back flat to the floor or push the arch.

The next step is to imagine that you are in the toilet and want to stop the flow of urine half way. But do not overdo it. Make sure you do not tighten your muscles in your butt, thighs or stomach.

Hold for 3 seconds and then release. Repeat ten to fifteen times, doing up to three sets a day. When building strength, try to work gradually to keep contraction for ten seconds.

Many people who do it for the first time often discover that they do not feel any muscle sensation. This is fine. When the pelvic floor muscles become stronger



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