Amazing Morning Running Routine to Lose Weight Right Now


A running routine to loose weight

Let’s assume you want to loose some pounds with running routine to loose weight or non pro runner who want to shed some still. Nevertheless it can be still tricky. It takes energy to do and still we need food to do so and loosing weight as you all know is the balance between those in down level. We will not be running sprint or marathon, so results should be slow too. There should be key to broke plato when you still running and not loosing any weight.

Moreover want to add that this should be not one goal to loose weight, but more like lifestyle, you need to be somewhat consistent with it after that. Running is the most effective cardio workout, all this should come with solid diet though. If you do only diet you will loose muscle along with body fat.

Also you need to have some goal and decide how much you need to loose in set time.

Beginner running routine

You should start small, for example your big weight while running can damage your knees. You may apply some basic rules to your case which will help a lot.

First one – you should start with simple walks, not actual running, that will prepare your body, joints, bones for more heavier things. Then you can start mixing it with run a bit.

Second one – do not run any day, make it each other day. You need some time to recover.

Third one – You should also increase your walking/running distance over time, but not so quick. Doing too much at start will only bring injury. For example have plan for next week to make ten percent increase and so on.

Let’s talk about diet a bit. It helps a lot in your running routine to loose weight. Actually when you run you create calorie deficit. But it should also be efficient to make you run so you need to eat and not just run more and eat less, that can be only in your dreams;) You can actually eat a lot, just depend which food. You should eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, clean red meat and dairy. Be sure that you eat enough to keep your running routine to loose weight.

You should also consider take a little gym sessions in your training over time. Results may surprise you.

Army running routine

army running routine

Let’s assume you dealt with task like running routine to loose weight. And want it to the next level. Let’s put our attention to four example workouts.

#1 – Run 1 mile, then stretch, repeat ten times. Run one quarter of a mile in 10 seconds under current speed, then walk for a minute

#2 – Run 1 mile, then stretch, repeat 5 times. Run half of a mile in 10 seconds under current speed, then walk for two minutes

#3 – Run 1 mile, then stretch, repeat ten times. Run a mile in 10 seconds above current speed, then walk for two minutes, run a mile at a current speed.

#4 – Run any distance for 5 minutes, stretch. Then run 30 minutes and before it one minute sprint and after it one minute slow.

Those above will increase timed run a lot over month or two of practice.

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