5 Signs You Might Need to Change your Diet

5 Signs You Might Need to Change your Diet

When we talk of diet the thought that comes to mind is weight gain and obesity. However, there are two sides to this. In our busy lives, the stress of work, worries, illness, and the hustle and bustle may prevent us from maintaining a healthy diet. And we may start losing weight gradually. The challenge here is to gain weight healthily. Here are the five signs your body is telling you to change your diet.

Signs your Diet is too Extreme and you Need to Change your Diet

Low Energy

5 Signs You Might Need to Change your Diet
Low Energy

There are hectic days in all our lives when we feel all the energy has been drained out of our body and leaving the bed becomes a struggle. However, if you constantly feel exhausted for weeks it’s a red flag. You might not be providing enough nutrition to the body. A man needs anywhere between 2000-3000 calories to move through a day and a women 1600-2400 calories.

Brain Fog

Forgetting your glasses or the car key now and then is usual. But, if the brain fog is frequent it is a sign of concern. Several factors attribute to brain fog including stress, energy-dense foods, lack of nutrition, illness, and more. Therefore, if hunger strikes after the 3 O’clock meeting, head to the kitchen and get your nutrition.


5 Signs You Might Need to Change your Diet

Dizziness occurs due to illness or when your blood sugar level has plummeted. Dehydration also causes dizziness. Consuming enough calories but stinging out on water is a typical example of a bad diet. You should consume plenty of water throughout the day. Calories are essential, but water is even more so. We can survive a long time without food but only a few days without water. Eat food that contains protein and carbohydrate like a banana and change your diet from fast food like burgers and pizzas to more greens. This will help maintain your blood sugar at a steady level.

Brittle Nails and Hair Loss

The first sign of malnutrition can be seen on the skin, hair, nails, and other non-essential parts of our body. When we starve ourselves, the body uses the limited nutrition to fuel the essential parts of our body such as the heart, brain, liver, etc. This is the reason the first sign of lack of nutrition can be seen on our physical appearance.

Feeling Cold

The body burns calories to stay warm. If you are feeling cold like all the time, it may be a sign that you are not consuming enough calories. People who regularly diet have a lower body temperature than the rest of the people.

Take Away

Food and water is an essential part of human survival and it should be regulated accordingly. Eating a lot can have adverse effects on the body as well as not eating enough.

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