Easy Healthy Meal Recipes: 5 Quick and Healthy Recipes for Beginners

Easy Healthy Meal Recipes-Ziraleet

Easy Healthy Meal Recipes

Eating is fun but cooking can be fun too. But for that, you must know some good recipes that are easy but tasty to start with. The first thing that you should consider while planning to learn cooking is the “cuisine”. You will have to decide the cuisine that you like and with which you’ll like to start your cooking experience. In this article, I aim to guide you step by step in getting your first meal prepared. Here are some easy healthy meal recipes.

Avocado Salad with Eggs

Avocado Salad with Eggs-Ziraleet

This is a simple but a healthy dish that you can prepare in a few minutes. Firstly, you’ll have to boil two eggs. Meanwhile you can cut some tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and avocado in a dish. You must make sure that you have diced all the vegetables so that they’ll look like a salad. Once your eggs get boiled. Cut them in half and place it above your salad. Sprinkle black pepper and pinch of salt and your salad is ready to eat.

Pina Colada and Yogurt Parfaits

Pina Colada and Yogurt Parfaits-Ziraleet

For making this easy healthy meal recipe, you need to mix yogurt, honey and chia seeds in a bowl. Place coconuts in a glass at the bottom; put the yogurt combination in the glass. Add some cornflakes for a different taste. You can keep on repeating these layers until your glass is full. Your wonderful dish is ready.

French Toast

French Toast-Ziraleet

They might seem difficult by name but in reality, this is one of the easy healthy meal recipes that you can find online. You have to beat two eggs in a bowl. Take another bowl and mix some sugar in milk. When it is properly mixed, combine the eggs with milk. Now dip a bread slice in this batter and fry it with a few drops of oil in the frying pan. Delicious snack is ready.

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs-Ziraleet.com

For making scrambled eggs, you need to eggs, a frying pan and some oil. Heat a few drops of oil in the frying pan. Put both the eggs into the pan and scramble them with a spoon. Once both the yolks are mixed with the whites of the eggs and your egg changes it a colour a little, your eggs are ready. You can eat them with the bread slices.

Banana Berry Smoothy

Banana Berry Smoothy-Ziraleet

You need some vanilla flavored yogurt, one or two bananas frozen, a few strawberries and raspberries and half-cup milk. You need to mix all these ingredients in a blender.  Serve it in a glass and enjoy. You can add strawberry chunks on top for garnishing.

I have tried to give you the easy healthy meal recipes for healthy eating habits. You can start your cooking experience with. In most of the dishes, you don’t need to cook but you have to mix the said ingredients to make your favorite meal ready.



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