Perfect Skin in Winters – What’s the Trick?

Perfect Skin in Winters - What's the Trick?Ziraleet

Is it not every person’s dream to attain perfect skin? We all would love to leave the horrors of acne, untold breakouts and dry peeling skin behind. Truth is; it is quite difficult attaining perfect skin since there is always varying situations to be kept in mind. For women, their menstrual cycle always causes a disbalance in their skin. Junk foods and cravings that all of us get are also a means of an end to our healthy skin. All in all, keeping your skin healthy and ‘perfect’ is not an easy chore especially when you strive to obtain perfect skin in winters.

Dry Winds Act As a Hurdle

perfect skin in winters

Everyone knows how biting cold the wind is in winter. It leaves your skin feeling bruised and raw although it is simply wind. The reason is that in winters the moisture and humidity levels in the atmosphere drop dangerously. Thus when you feel the wind whistling around your face, it is drying up all the moisture you have on there. Without moisture, your skin’s health begins to worsen and you are faced with a ton of issues. For instance, breakouts, acne, skin peeling off, wrinkles at an early age and so on. So here are some guaranteed tips on how to attain perfect skin in winters regardless of how many obstacles show up:

Spend the Least Time Outdoors

perfect skin in winters

If you are an outdoorsy person you either have to fly out of the country or limit yourself to only stepping out in the cold when you direly need to. And when you do, limit the time you spend outdoors as well. The less time you spend exposed to dry winds, the more your skin will thank you. Try to cover up your face as much as you can with a scarf and beanie.

Moisturize Literally Everywhere

perfect skin in winters

If you don’t do this already, start right now! There is no such thing as too much moisturizer in the winters. If you have to buy 5 bottles of the same moisturizer to keep in your car, bag, bedroom and office/school locker; do that. Especially if you naturally have dry skin, the winters will only worsen your skin even more. So if you want perfect skin in winters then everywhere you go, pat on some moisturizer! Read up on on some more guaranteed methods to cure flaky/peeling skin in the winters from Fashionista Lassie.

After Bath Treatment

perfect skin in winters

This is the most important of all steps to follow if you desire perfect skin in winters. When you step out of the bath/shower, your skin is at its best point to be moisturized. Since, you’ve just spent 10-15 minutes soaking up your skin in warm water; your pores would’ve opened up nicely. Now is the best time to massage some heavy and moisturizing cream deep into your skin. This will ensue less dryness in the future. Make sure your skin is damp and slightly warm when moisturizing.
PS: Beauty tips for skin online recommend that you choose creams over lotions!

Ditch Cleansers and Spinning Brushes

perfect skin in winters

Your normal skincare routine is designed for when there is a balance in humidity and moisture in the air. If that balance is upended like what happens in the winters; then you must switch your skincare routine as well. Cancel out the harsh facial cleansers and spinning brushes and replace them with gentle exfoliators. If you absolutely have to utilize facial cleansers make sure they’re gel-based and they do NOT strip your skin off its natural oils. You can also check out natural skin care tips to add more wonderful items to your skincare routine.

Waxing is Cancelled For the Winters

perfect skin in winters

With new technologies being constantly introduced to the industry there are many hair removal methods for you to opt for. Waxing in itself is a challenging and painful method that works by stretching your skin and causing you to develop wrinkles early. Unless you’re using the age-old method of sugaring, it is advised you switch to another hair removal method like epilators, laser…etc.




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