Vladimir Putin Private Jet – The Flying Fortress

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When it comes to traveling in style, nothing beats flying in a private jet. We have seen many mind blowing private jets in the past. The Russian President’s Vladimir Putin Private Jet is no exception.

The jet features a bedroom, a gym, conference hall, and meeting places. What’s even more interesting is that the Russian President has four of these jets. For security reasons, Vladimir Putin flies in any one of these jets. The other three air crafts act as decoy.

Let’s now take a look inside the Vladimir Putin Private Jet.

Vladimir Putin Private Jet

The IL-96-300 PU is a long haul, wide bodied aircraft. Four turbo fan engines power the jet. It is manufactured by the Voronezh Aircraft Production Association.

It can be distinguished from the passenger version by its extended fuselage. The aircraft is modified to provide more safety and luxury. For example the advanced avionics and anti-missile protections. According to estimates, each of the Vladimir Putin Private Jet costs around £390 million.

The Exterior

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The jet features in a colour scheme similar to the standard Rossiya Airline aircraft. The only difference is the coat of arms of Russia. It is painted on the empennage instead of the Russian flag. The aircraft’s special exterior paint makes it less detectable by radars.

The Interior

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The interior of the Vladimir Putin Private Jet is a marvel itself. The cabin features a neoclassical theme. The dripping tapestries and gold accents bring a royal touch.

Now let’s see what facilities the Vladimir Putin Private Jet offers.


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The aircraft also houses an on-board luxurious bedroom so that the president can rest during long flights. The bedroom is not only spacious but also equipped with a king sized bed.


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Worried about missing the basic gym schedule because of your business trip? If you are the president of Russia, then you don’t need to worry about that. Therefore, the Vladimir Putin Private Jet also has an on-board gymnasium. The gym  with treadmills, elliptical and other exercise equipment. In short, the Russian president likes to stay in a good shape.

Conference Room

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The Vladimir Putin Private Jet houses a large conference room. So the president can hold important meetings while flying in air. The conference room is decorated with luxurious furniture. It can accommodate all of the president’s key staff.


The Vladimir Putin Private Jet has luxurious washrooms which feature gold lined sinks and vanities.

On board Galley

Flight catering goes a long way when it to comes to VIP flights. Likewise, the Vladimir Putin Private Jet is no exception. The aircraft features an on-board galley. It cater for meals and drinks for the passengers on board.

Special Pilots

When it comes to flying the president, security becomes paramount. So the pilots on Vladimir Putin private jet are from the Russian Aerospace Forces’ special squad.

The IL-96-300 PU is the latest addition in the presidential fleet. Due to its luxurious interior and high cost; it is making news all around the globe.


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