8 Unique Harry Potter Gadgets Every Fan Should Have

8 Unique Harry Potter Gadgets every Fan should have

Although the Harry Potter series has ended but it would never be “Obliviated” from the minds of its fans. So if you are one of the fans of J. K Rowling, then it is understood that you must have read all the books by her. Now with the books, it is must for you to own some Harry Potter gadgets as well, so let us take a look at the:

Eight unique Harry Potter gadgets which every hardcore fan should have:

Harry Potter Marauders Map

Harry potter gadgets-map
Source: Yellow Octopus

Now, these are the gadgets which you should own to add points to your “House”. Starting with the Marauder’s Map, because this is a must for you to sneak around the halls of Hogwarts.

Marauder’s Map, $29.99, Amazon

The Noble Collection Harry Potter Wand

Harry Potter gadgets
Source: Amazon UK

Furthermore have a collection of various wands. For instance, start with Harry Potter’s wand, then Dumbledore’s and Hermione and add the wands of all your favorite characters.

Harry Potter’s wand, $25.63, Amazon

The replicas are the coolest collection of Harry Potter gadgets. So add the Time Turner necklace of Hermione’s which was featured in the series of Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban and let it take you back in time with some magic.

Hermione’s Time Turner

Noble Collection - Harry Potter - Hermione's Time Turner
Hermione’s Time Turner

Time Turner necklace, $49.00, Amazon

Now with this necklace, you can also buy the coolest necklace holder which is build in the replica of the golden egg.

Harry Potter Golden Egg Prop Replica

Harry Potter Golden Egg Prop Replica
Source: mashable.com

Harry Potter Golden Egg Prop Replica, $113.01, Amazon

The Godric Gryffindor Sword

The Godric Gryffindor Sword
Source: noblecollection.co.uk

And to top it up, add the replica of the Sword of Gryffindor. This is the one which helped Harry destroy one of the Horcrux that lead to the weakness of Voldemort.

The Godric Gryffindor Sword, $287.92 ,Amazon

Harry Potter Golden Snitch

harry potter Golden Snitch
Source: Amazon UK

For the exciting Quidditch collection of your Harry Potter gadgets, start by adding the Golden Snitch. This will be perfect for all your fantasy Quidditch matches.

Golden Snitch (Set of 5), $69.95 ,Amazon

Hogwarts House Quidditch Chess Set

Hogwarts Houses Quidditch Chess
Source: shop.chess.co.uk

Next, you can invest on the Hogwarts House Quidditch Chess Set. This set will let you and your friends choose your favorite Hogwarts House as your team and compete for behalf of them.

Hogwarts House Quidditch Chess Set, $312.36 ,Amazon

Quidditch matches


Quidditch matches
Source: Amazon UK

Last but not the least, include the magical Broom to your collection. Of course, you won’t be able to fly on it, but still you can prepare your game face for your Quidditch matches.

Now you can enhance your Harry Potter collection by adding these unique sets of gadgets to them. And for the hardcore fans, you can get all your apparels, mug collection, games and various items printed with the Harry Potter quotes and spells to show off your passion.

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