Some “Stupid” Questions to Ask Before Buying your Next PC

Some Stupid Questions to Ask Before Buying your Next

Hats off to the retailers and the tech guys who have mastered the art of patience, because it is not the quality which you are born with. And this art has been acquired by answering some of the stupid questions which are asked by the customers. Well, some people are just born with the five senses and spend their entire life with it, failing to make use of their common sense.

So here is a list of some of the stupid questions which has been asked by the customers while buying a PC .

stupid questions related to technology
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Stupid questions asked about the peripheral devices

questions related to peripheral devices
  • I wanted to inquire about my new mousepad that whether it will be compatible with my computer or no?

  • Where is the “any key?” (yes, that is what is frequently asked when the command is given to press any key.)

  • I don’t understand why am I not able to print. Every time it gives the message ‘Can’t find printer’. I have kept the printer right in front of the monitor, still, the computer can’t find it. I don’t know what is happening, can you please help me out?

Stupid questions asked about the hardware

stupid questions related to hardware devices
    • I want you to do the replacement of the coffee mug holder on my CPU urgently. Its been barely 2 months and it is broken already. (well, for those of you all who can not understand what coffee mug holder is, the customer here is referring to the CD ROM tray.)

    • Will putting a new sound card make the Internet run at a faster speed?

Stupid questions asked about the software

stupid questions related to software


  • What do you mean Firefox is not an anti-virus. Okay. No problem. I have another one called Internet Explorer. Shouldn’t that one work too?

  • Why do you think I need to get a Macintosh so as to install OS 8.5. Is it not possible that you just replace the windows on my machine?

  • I want to make a word document, can you please tell me what program should I use for it?

Well, now you know the reason behind the patience of our customer service providers. And now you might have realized how stupid the stupid questions can get.

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