What is the Best Time to Send Email

What is the Best Time to Send Email-Ziraleet

Everything has a time. When actions are performed in the appropriate timeline, the chances of getting the positive results increases. The same is applied to sending out an email. Have you ever wondered why you did not get the reply to your ten days old email? Well, you might have forgotten about the best time to send email. Yes, you read that right, there is the best time as well as the best day for sending out your emails so that you get the best and fastest reply.

Best day to Send Email

Well, when it comes to the best day, we are sure that your favorite days are at the weekend as nobody likes to work on weekends. Similarly, according to the research, the probability of more click-throughs happen during the weekdays and not the weekends. This is because weekends are meant for leisure and family time. Thus the subscribers are mainly active from Monday to Friday. And out of all the days, Tuesday has been ranked with having the highest opening rate followed by Thursday and then Wednesday. Hence for the informative emails which does not necessarily requires a reply, the middle of the working week is considered to get the highest opening rates.

Source: jilt.com

Not the entire 24 hours are meant for work, thus there has to be the best time to send email. The safest and reliable time for sending out the email is during the midday. Thus the recommended morning timings are between 9 AM to 11 AM. And the afternoon timings are between 1 PM to 3 PM.

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Source: getmailbird.com

Subtle Difference in the Best Time to Send Email

Although the above-mentioned suggestions are according to the surveys and researches were done, but there are a couple of things that would make a difference. For instance, at times it depends on the device which is being used. If a person is using a desktop then the mid-day and mid-week formula is good to go, but if someone is using a smartphone, then the active time may vary till the evening as well. Another factor is the demographics: yes, it does matter. And last but not least, the type of industry. A government-industry will vary from the non-profit ones as well the retail industry will differ from the ones related to the hobbies.

best time to send email
Source: optinmonster.com

Thus now that you know the best time for everything, be sure to get a reply. Remember, mid-week and mid-day and also consider the various other factors.

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