Family Trip: Top 3 Family Travel Destinations in Asia

Family Trip -Top 3 Family Travel Destinations in Asia

The largest continent on Planet Earth, Asia, has a million different faces and destinations for the family trip. Every corner of Asia offers different cultures and sceneries that are unlike anything you see on the larger parts of North America. Even South and Southeast Asia are two very different worlds in their own respect. Planning to travel to Asia may be hard if you’ve got a whole family with children who may not have ample patience and adventurousness to see new worlds.

But fret not! We’ve compiled top 3 Asia destinations that aren’t necessarily challenging for a family trip!

Osaka, Japan


Osaka is the so-called capital of Southern Japan with a culture and customs that vary widely from its Northern counterpart. The locals are famous for being humorous to a point of being hilarious and sometimes absurd. Foreigners often find Osaka dwellers more open and happy to interact with their broken English. They are so much more delighted to teach you their Osakan dialect.

The travelers shouldn’t miss the famous Osaka Castle. It is a spot for its beautiful illumination at night. Foods of Osaka are considered one of Japan’s best. The ‘birthplace’ of okonomiyaki, or internationally dubbed as Japan’s pancake. When you plan a family trip, you can sit together at an okonomiyaki restaurant and cook your own ‘as you like it’ pancake as the dish’s transliteral name suggests.

Ubud, Bali
people praying in Ubud,

Calm, quiet, quaint, and significantly the cooler part of Bali is in the middle of the island. Ubud is a quaint little district within the Gianyar City of Bali Province, Indonesia. Ubud’s local authorities insist to keep the area as traditional as possible. They refuse to allow global chain stores to operate within its vicinity.

There are a lot of family-friendly restaurants and attractions where children can explore safely when you plan a family trip. The Balinese are known as friendly and attentive people. They will let you know if they see something endangering your family’s situation as well.

Plan a family trip to Singapore, Singapore


With a super clean and super safe environment, no family can go wrong to travel to Singapore. English is a national language. Therefore, the smallest children wouldn’t find themselves in a strange, exotic country where they can’t understand a word. Foods in Singapore are known to be of exceptionally high quality. There’s a variety when it comes to international cuisines.

The nature in Singapore may be man-made mostly, but they’re so spectacularly beautiful. Children will definitely enjoy being in a hybrid world of technology and nature.


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