Heaven on Earth: A Traveler’s Guide to Tibet

Heaven on Earth: A Traveler’s Guide to Tibet

The most adventurous souls are always looking for what has been termed Heaven on Earth. A place so foreign, far-removed from the hustle and bustle of modern societies. Have you ever thought how sad it is that modern society has come to equal stressful Hell? Well, a city life surely has some good things to offer, although not all the time. Wouldn’t you like to fly off to a real paradise on Earth travel destination, or what the Eastern cultures call Shangri-La?

Author James Hilton weaved the story of a fictional place called Shangri-La in his 1933 book Lost Horizon. Many have suggested that he took the inspiration from Tibet—a place brimming with ancient temples where serenity embraces the daily life of its occupants. Away from the noise of capitalistic demands, Tibet is a travel destination anyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. In Tibet’s serenity, they will connect with the core of their soul again.

Things to Know about Heaven on Earth

Tibet is an autonomous region of China and the currency the locals use is Chinese Renminbi. Since time immemorial, Tibet has not had what one would call a compassionate understanding with China and retains its own heritage and spiritual practices. Located on plateaus, the area is blessed with fantastic sceneries of the towering mountains of the Himalayas and Everest. It shares the Everest Mountain with its neighbor Nepal to the Southwest.

Famous Temples

LongWang Lake behind the Potal Palace Ziraleet.com

In the capital city Lhasa, travelers can visit the magnificent Potala Palace that sits atop a vast hilltop. You can witness how the mountainous backdrop might have inspired Hilton to call it Heaven on Earth. The temple used to be the Dalai Lama’s winter house. Witnessing the grandness of its size and design in such a tranquil environment, it’s a humbling experience that you aren’t going to forget anytime after your first visit. The Jokhang Temple is another famous site. It is renowned for its Central Asian designs encapsulated by an endless view of pale mountains. Hollywood movies have used its inspiration in numerous blockbuster titles.


Heaven on Earth has its own language, Tibetan. In bigger cities, Mandarin is also understood. Although, one must be cautious in using it at all in this society where tension with Mainland China has not dissipated. You might be more familiar with Mandarin and feel tempted to use a word or two to get by as a traveler. But, try to get a travel guide to help you around. You will have a great time away from worries or uncomfortable situations with the locals.

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