Tourist-Friendly Countries: Know the Top 10 in the List

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What makes a destination tourist-friendly? There are a plethora of criteria employed by rankers around the world. Here we have compiled 10 countries that are tourist-friendly in regards to overall quality of experience they can offer!


One of the world’s safest countries. Convenience stores, vending machines, and futuristic toilets are always fun to explore in Japan. Foods are the world’s most exquisite and where ever you go, the service is always top class.


You might need to get used to the local accent. You’ll get by just fine because the people are really happy to talk with tourists. Ireland hotels offer some of the most stunning views of nature.


Bulgaria is a favorite Balkan country where a mix of cultural heritage crisscrosses. One minute you’re experiencing Greek cuisine, the next an Ottoman craft, and the next you’re in for a Persian dance. It’s truly surreal, to put it mildly.


Singapore is a tiny island full of world’s most hi-tech gadgets that make it so tourist-friendly. English is a national language so you won’t find yourself getting lost in translation in this quick-paced, humbly professional Asian country.


Any tourist for any travel reason will love Portugal’s openness and comfort. Tourist infrastructures are aplenty at the highest quality. The country also ranks high in regards to the safety of travel and business.


Sustainability is at the heart of Croatian tourism. The people use a lot of natural resources to create one of a kind tourist-friendly experience. The buildings are beautiful and ATMs are always within reach.


Locals are proud of their status as the world’s popular tourist destination and strive to offer tourists the best experience. English is not the mother tongue but everybody has enough skills to help any tourist out in buying stuff and getting directions.


The country ranks as the world’s most tourist-friendly country. Austria offers a lot of comfort at the highest quality and convenience. You won’t have to worry about missing out because they have the most hotel rooms per capita.

Switzerland – a tourist-friendly destination

The beautiful alpine country is ultra serious when it comes to catering to foreign travelers. They’ve got transport and business infrastructures covered to the highest quality. They make sure everything and everyone is safe.


ATMs? Car rentals? Canada has a lot of that, and they all speak English, so renting and using machines wouldn’t be a problem. Plus, the folks are renowned as being remarkably polite and helpful.

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